Why do you need to PAT test?

There are a number of legal requirements why PAT Testing should be carried out specifically to electrical maintenance. Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, Provision and Use of Work Equipment 1998 and the Electricity at Work Act 1989. The fire brigade strongly recommend PAT Testing is carried out. Some insurance companies will give discount if you can prove that you have had a PAT Test.

PAT test certificates will be issued after a Portable Appliance Test has been carried out. It is important to have a PAT test to ensure your premises are safe and are in compliance with current legislations.

ABELL PAT testing services ensure that your appliances are following all mandatory health and safety regulations and the code of practice issued by the Institute of Electrical Engineers.

There are regulations and legislations in place that state that an employer has the duty to maintain and prove they are maintaining all of their electrical appliances/ equipment used in the work place.

Employers and PAT testing

Government guidelines state that PAT testing is the best way to guarantee electrical safety. If an accident were to occur due to a faulty unmaintained appliance there is the risk of a hefty fine or imprisonment, unless you can prove that you have undergone steps to ensure its safety. Obtaining a PAT testing certificate is the best way to do this.

Landlords and PAT testing

A landlord has obligations to all tenants to ensuring electrical items are tested before a tenant moves in. They must also carry out regular maintenance of all appliances to ensure the safety of the tenant. PAT testing is the best way to ensure this.

Construction and PAT testing

Due to the high risk environment on a construction sites or in a factory all electrical items should undergo PAT testing more often than those in an office environment.

Schools and PAT testing

It is imperative that in an enviroment where there are children electrical safety is maintained. If you ensure that all electrical items are PAT tested by a qualified engineer at least one per annum then you are ensuring the safety of everyone.

How does it work?

• One of our qualified engineers will inspect all electrical appliances. This includes a visual inspection as well as interior and exterior examinations. We will also check the interior and exterior of the plug.

• Then we test all of the electrical appliances individually. We use a machine which will tell us whether each appliance has passed or failed. A sticker will be placed on each of the plugs or the cable of the appliance stating whether it has passed or failed.

• Once we have completed all of the PAT tests we will issue you with a written report and test certificate, giving details of the appliances tested and their results.

• We offer PAT testing services to all types of businesses and homes. Prices will vary depending on the number of electrical appliances in the premises and their accessibility.
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